Why I Am a Butt Man

Why-I-Am-a-Butt-Man--1There are leg men, boob men, and butt men. I’m a self-avowed butt man; although I have quite a fondness for all parts of the female form. I’ve spent long hours contemplating why the female ass holds such allure, although not nearly as much time as I’ve spent admiring them. Putting aside all of the potential psychoanalysis that could be done on the subject, it just boils down to the fact that I think asses are hot and I don’t really need to know what happened in childhood or whenever to make them my body part of choice to lust over. There really is nothing better then a woman with a nice well formed firm butt.

My Best Friend’s Horny Wife has a Great Butt

My best friend has a horny wife with a great butt. I’d love to get in her pants, and given the way she flirts, she’d probably go for it. (Go Here to learn more. As much as I’d love that, I have surrendered to the fact that if my best friend’s horny wife and I were to hook up, the friendship would be over. So I satisfy myself with ogling her ass when no one is looking and fantasizing about it in the shower. The whole “when no one is looking” thing might be part of why I love asses so much. Even if no one else is in the room, a woman will know if you are staring at her boobs. Since her eyes and her butt are always pointed in different directions, I can get away with a lot more in terms of looking. Then I can go home and imagine my BFF’s horny wife pressing that perfect peach of a butt against me, and no one is the wiser. Butts are just about the only body part you can check out without being caught. Visit Hornywife.com for a great online dating site for older woman.

More to the Imagination

Not only is it easier to check out butts without getting caught, I like the imagination factor. That might sound kind of weird and old fashioned, but it’s true. While legs can be lovely, I see bare legs all day every day. There is absolutely nothing to spark my imagination there. The same goes for boobs. I think boobs are awesome, and I love playing with them during sex. However, with so many women embracing plunging necklines and barely there bikini tops, I see a lot of boob on an ongoing basis. Butts are kind of the final frontier for covered fantasy parts. I get to see the gorgeous outlines of firm asses through clothing, but I rarely see a bare one unless I’m having sex or watching porn. That somehow makes them hotter.

Wife Swapping is Even Hotter with Great Butts

Why-I-Am-a-Butt-Man--2My wife is as much of a butt woman as I am a butt man. This makes wife swapping even hotter. I like watching her get all hot and bothered over another woman’s ass when we go to swinger parties. (Click Here to learn how to have a great wife swapping experience) If we find a couple to hook up with and the wife has a nice ass, I know the wife swapping sex is going to be fantastic. Two women with great butts getting it on with me and each other is like living out every sexual fantasy I’ve ever had. The other dude is usually more than happy with this wife swapping situation, too. It seems that when it comes to swinging, guys who are butt men and their wives tend to gravitate towards the same sorts of couples.

Great Butts Mean Great Anal Sex

I like big butts and I cant lie, and a great butt means even better sex! When you’re having anal sex, there’s nothing better than a nice, firm butt to grab onto. Like most butt men, I not only enjoy the view, I love the sensation of anal sex. There’s really nothing that compares to a woman with a nice ass giving it up in bed. Since I’m really big on butt sex, I’d much prefer to have it with a woman with a rump that makes me take notice long before she’s undressed. When it comes to my butt obsession, I’m totally unrepentant. They look nice both in and out of clothes, they’re nice to fondle, and they’re nice to… well, yeah. Given all of that, I’m less inclined to wonder why I’m a butt man and more inclined to wonder why everyone isn’t.

How to Go From Platonic to Hook Up

Assess the Hook Up Potential

How-to-Go-From-Platonic-to-Hook-Up-1Not only is your gal pal fun, you also think she’s hot. If your friend seems like the kind of girl you could enjoy a fun hook up with, but you’re trying to decide whether or not it is worth it to go for, you’ll need to read more and figure out if the sexual attraction is mutual. While it might seem like an impossible task, if she wants to hook up she is already subconsciously sending you signals. You just have to know what they are. Girls who are sexually attracted to their male friends tend to find a lot of reasons to make casual physical contact. Their body language pulls towards you, not away. If she’s flirtatious or talks to you about sexual topics a lot, chances are high that she would be open to a hook up.

Drop a Hint

One way to figure out how she might feel about having sex with you is to casually insinuate that it could be fun and simple. Don’t drop a bomb out of the blue; just wait until there is a natural way to work it into a conversation. If you say it jokingly, it gives her a chance to show interest if she has it, but without the pressure and awkwardness if she doesn’t want to go there.

Flirt a Little

Compliment the things you find attractive about her. Find reasons to playfully touch her and see how she responds. If she’s into you, she’ll probably let it progress. If not, she’ll give you a playful smack and tell you to knock it off or divert the situation by switching gears. If she is someone who doesn’t shy away from sexual topics, open up a conversation that leads in that direction and see where it goes. Only move into this territory once you feel fairly confident that she has sent you signals that this might be something she is open to exploring or you might make her feel uncomfortable and like you’ve put her on the spot.

Ask Her Outright

If you either know her well enough to feel fairly certain that asking her about the possibility of a hook up won’t destroy your friendship, or if you don’t particularly care if the friendship draws to an end if she’s not interested, just throw it out there. Tell her that you think she’s hot, and that since neither one of you is looking for a serious relationship you think it could be harmless fun to fool around. This may sound too bold if you aren’t used to making such blatant moves, but at least you won’t have to wonder. Plus, a lot of girls find this sort of confidence and straightforwardness to be a turn-on.

Discuss the Benefits of Casual Sex

How-to-Go-From-Platonic-to-Hook-Up-2A lot of girls enjoy the benefits of casual sex as much as their guy friends do. But before anything you need to learn how to do it. Once you have that out of the you will understand there are different societal expectations of men and women when it comes to sex and relationships, they are oftentimes a lot more tight lipped about whether or not they engage in casual sex with their guy friends out of fear of judgment. By opening up the conversation in such a way that she can feel free to admit that she likes hooking up without a commitment; you can let her know that engaging in casual sex won’t make you think less of her. This is really important to a lot of women. They want to be able to feel free to have sex without being thought of as sleazy. If she knows that you’ll still think she’s a worthwhile person to be friends with, she is much more likely to want to get down and dirty with you on the side. If it seems like her concerns fall more towards the worry that you’ll want more, reassure her that you don’t want her to fall in love with you, you just want to have great sex with a girl you think is hot and fun to have a few beers with on the weekends. If you’re on the same page, you’ll be in bed with her in no time flat.

Why do rappers love to make it rain?

If its raining its pouring

Why-do-rappers-love-to-make-it-rain-1The hiphop music scene is inundated with Male Rappers splashing their cash around, and it all comes down to one thing, WOMEN! Cash means women, and lots of them! By promoting their lavish lifestyles and making everyone aware that they are rich and famous, that they possess fast cars and have money to burn, is in fact broadcasting themselves to attract women of all sorts for a variety of reasons and thus making them the envy of plenty of normal guys around the world. These rappers want it known that they don’t have any trouble living large and they don’t mind telling you either, and lets face it , there getting so much ass its not even funny!!! That’s the only reason they make it rain and who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!

You’re not asking for much, Just a little fling!

The difference between them and you ‘the normal ones’ who still dream of having it all but lets face it at this point you’d just settle for a women to have a fling with! You’re not asking for much – just to feel someone else’s skin on your skin, maybe take her out for some drinks or grab some takeaway and spend the night in bed.( learn more about having flings at isexportal.com) Just standard issue sort of stuff. So where do you find this elusive fling that doesn’t seem to be eventuating from any of the events you’ve attended, supermarkets you’ve shopped at or BBQ’s you’ve trailed along to? There doesn’t have to be 3 scantly clad women grinding up on you (I’m not sure you’d be able to get it together anyway) just one women will do! How those rapers perform under such pressure is beyond me. Their having flings all around countries and cities leaving a trail of satisfied women where ever they go.

Adultfriendfinder can make it happen
Why-do-rappers-love-to-make-it-rain-2So how do you join the fray and get in on some of the action if your not a rapper who isn’t rich, cant promote themselves on MTV, or YouTube and doesn’t have a Maserati to bang around in? Adultfriendfinder will get you what you want! You don’t have to flash your non existent cash to get some action if you visit the site, (it helps but its not the only way) because the internet and the adult dating sites like adultfriendfinder that has emerged out of its depths can provide you with an avenue to make this happen. If you’d forgotten regular men have been getting laid for centuries, maybe not on sites like adultfriendfinder, (but recently they have been) and even if they don’t have loads of cash, houses, cars (Horse drawn carts) and Jacuzzis to bring the honeys home too they are still getting some! Pool boys are a prime example! Yes those lucky people who do have the cash are getting lots of pussy that’s a given, but guys who don’t are still managing to get their ends in and regularly – Its just human nature, if you have a cock, someone will want to ride it!

Making it rain!

Rappers make it rain! Why, for the women! They want to be wanted, thought about and hungered after, they use their money to attract women to them so they can take their pick! They have so many women to choose from its hard not to be envious, but whilst money attracts women to men because they want some and want to be part of that lifestyle, there are women out there that just want to fuck, there not that choosy and they will do you even if you don’t have Denero. So basically by signing up to a fling website and becoming an adult friend finder your on your way to getting some pussy, maybe not as good as you’d get in a rap video but some is better than none right!

Why Students Should Choose Tablet PCs

If you are searching for the perfect gift to present to a student going off to college, then a Tablet PC will do just fine.

Here are just some of the important benefits of Tablet PCs for students:

  • Students can work from wherever they are with the world’s most mobile computer. The Tablet computer offers users all they need and expect from a mobile computer, but in a way that offers them the opportunity to work from anywhere that they are – at home, in the classroom, at a local coffee shop and at the library. The Tablet PC is available in 2 basic designs: the ultra-slim slate and the convertible model. It is easier to connect to a local hot spot(s) with a Tablet PC. The Instant On and Grab-&-Go docking makes it very easy for users to immediately take their Tablet computer from its docking station and take it wherever they have to go – they do not need to waste valuable time detaching peripheral devices. With these Tablet features in combination with a longer battery life, this makes the Tablet computer THE perfect mobile PC for students.

    • Taking notes electronically is possible with the Tablet PC. Transferring all the notes that you have taken in class to your computer is now an outdated practice. The Tablet computer has a searchable digital set-up where users can easily create, revise & organize their handwritten notes, this computer can also be used in order to capture drawings and text in a way that users will normally create by making use of a pencil and paper.

Tablet PC: A New Approach To

Tablet PC: A New Approach To

  • Use the linked audio to record presentations and lectures. Are you really sick and tired of trying to madly scribble notes during presentations and lectures? The Tablet PC offers you the opportunity to record the presentations in audio while you take down notes! Since the notes that you have taken is synched directly with the audio track, you will not have to worry yourself silly, thinking that you have missed anything.

  • Get a lot done in less time! Yes, this gadget is perfect for not only students, administrators and teachers can also benefit greatly from using this PC to complete their tasks in less time. The Tablet computer offers users to be much more productive than ever before; whether you are sitting in a meeting, sitting in a hospital waiting room, standing in a lobby, you can make use of your Tablet computer in order to get a lot done in less time.

Time Remaining: 8 days 10 Inch

Time Remaining: 8 days 10 Inch

Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

Being able to resolve workplace conflict quickly is important and it would stop the conflict from escalating further and causing the both parties to harbor growing resentment towards each other. One of the best ways to resolve conflicts peacefully and quickly is by getting a mediator whose job will be to facilitate a meeting between those that are involved in the conflict in order to help resolve the situation. In this meeting, the mediator will give everyone the opportunity to air their concerns and address the situation.

Resolving Conflict in the Workplace 101

  • A meeting should be scheduled with those involved and those that are not involve in the conflict (such as the company’s HR staff) who can serve as a mediator.

  • You will need to ensure that you set the ground rules from the beginning of the meeting that no one should interrupt the other party and that the two parties will have an equal chance to shall all their concerns.

    • You will need to facilitate the meeting by offering both parties the opportunity to air their views on the issue one at a time. At this point, the mediator should be taking notes while those involved voice their concerns.

The Conflict in the Workplace

The Conflict in the Workplace

  • You will need to summarize the issues both parties bring up; so that they feel that they have been heard and understood.

  • Have both parties take a couple of minutes to give their ideas to resolve the issue that they firmly believe will be fair to the two parties. It is the mediator’s job to point out the advantages and disadvantages of each of the suggestions made.

    • The mediator would suggest a resolution which will seem right and fair and find out if the two parties are amenable to the suggested solution. If they both agree, the two parties sign an agreement provided by the mediator – this will show that they will honor the solution. But; if both parties do not agree, then the mediator would still have to keep coming up with helpful suggestions until the two parties agree.

avoiding workplace conflicts

avoiding workplace conflicts

  • Bring the meeting to an end, by working out a follow-up meeting in just a week; this way, both parties (this includes the mediator) can check in with each other in order to see how well things are developing with the resolution of the conflict.

Most importantly, the mediator should ensure that he or she is unbiased and calm.

Love for Snowball Fighting- The highlight of the winter season!

Winter is a season of utmost beauty. With sparkling rays of pale sunlight shining off the ice sculptures in the trees and the fresh snow on the ground, the heavenly cool breezes that lightly brush your face and the degree of serenity and peace felt when intricate snowflakes fall on the ground is truly miraculous and epitome of winters astounding splendor. The blanket of snow outside your window is a source of comfort and you wish that you would relax and lie in it for all times to come. It alleviates all the tensions and excessive workload of our busy bustling life and fills you with a sea of calmness and total bliss. With all the events that the season provides from open air concerts to theatrical performances, this season is truly a time where everyone can be entertained greatly and all preferences can be easily catered too.

With these formal put events, some of the most fun-filled activities outdoors can be done with relative ease and cost effectiveness. Winter for many is the season of sledding, skiing and snowball fights. The snowball fights are the best part of the winter season and a source of enjoyment for all age groups. Snowball fights are the best game and thoroughly enjoyed during the snow days. You can build elaborate snow sculptures, huge forts and other suitable defenses to protect yourself from the intensity of those hard-packed snow balls. These are necessary defenses to have when you cannot dodge those snowballs coming to you at lightning speed! But for those hard packed snowballs even the strongest of defenses are not enough. A trained snowball thrower will be able to plough through. For many hiding behind a tree or any sculpture is a definite memory to escape the wrath of these deathly balls.

Peace Love & Snowball Fig

Peace Love & Snowball Fig

For all the snowball lovers out there, it is important to move more and not stick to one place. You can throw snowballs, sprint behind an obstacle for cover and then make another hard packed snowball. Throw the snowball, run to escape counter attack, duck behind an obstacle, make a new ball and repeat to win. But one of the fun things to do while in the snowball fight is to tackle the person coming too close, shove him/her in the snow a couple of times and then run for cover and throw snow balls at him/her.

For those with a competitive edge and for making the game more lively you should know how to make five forceful snowballs. Firstly the medium strength snowball used for absolutely everything, then the sniper snowball packed with extra strength and caliber for those long throws, third we have the Mortar snowball of heavy gauge for destroying defenses of your opponents especially fortresses and for knocking things and people over. One of the most powerful snowballs is then the rocket snowball that plants a hard and heavy punch at intense speed and lastly the shotgun snowball for blocking all means of escape. For all snowball lovers’ especially young boys this game brings the ultimate treat and is highly enjoyed and marks the beginning of a long fun-filled winter.

How to Make a Snowball Cake Recipe.

How to Make a Snowball Cake Recipe.

What Life Lessons You Can Learn From Zsa Zsa Gabor

Born as Sari Gabor in Hungary in 1917, Zsa Zsa Gabor has learned many things both about working in Hollywood and about private relationships and there is a lot we can learn from here.

She can teach us that we should not stick with something that we are not happy with, as with 9 husbands she has not stayed in a relationship that has not worked. We can also learn that we should not be afraid to take a chance and just because one relationship did not work then it does not mean that the next one will not.

It is important to know when you have made a mistake and more important to be prepared to alter it and not sit back and let life go on around you. When Zsa Zsa married Felipe de Alba in 1983 there was a problem with it being a bigamous marriage and it was annulled the following day. The relationship did not last and it is to her credit that she walked away and looked elsewhere.

Dealing with ill health is something that Zsa Zsa has become accustomed to and she has carried on despite a serious car crash, a number of strokes, hip replacement surgery and eventually a leg amputation.

Zsa Zsa Gabor, at age younger

Zsa Zsa Gabor, at age younger

We can hopefully learn that however wealthy and well known we become we are not above the law. In 1989 Zsa Zsa was convicted of slapping a police officer but to her credit she accepted her 3 day jail sentence and did not contest the decision. Knowing when we are wrong and being prepared to pay for it will stand us in good stead throughout our lives.

Knowing who can be trusted is important and this is an area where we can learn from the mistakes that were made with investment. In 2009 there were stories that there had been significant loses – some sources said that it could be as much as $10 million – when some of her investments went under after they had been placed in the company of Bernard Madoff.

I like your thinking Zsa Zsa.

I like your thinking Zsa Zsa.

All in all we can learn that it is best to live each day as it comes and not worry too much what the press and others have to say about us. As long as we do not dwell on what has not worked and look towards what can work there can be a lifetime of good times and adventure.